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Brand Strategy

In order to increase your marketshare and reach your objectives you must first have a plan. In essence that's what our Brand Strategy practice is all about. We will help our clients develop the strategic platforms that are an absolute requirement for successful branding programs.

Brand Platform

The Brand Platform is a strategic document that defines a foundation and rationale for the brand. Generally speaking, the Brand Platform becomes the standard by which every brand building activity is measured.

It consists of four essential components:

  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Differentiation
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Personality

Brand Messaging

The Brand Messaging distills the essence of the brand into a framework that includes the primary and secondary messages for each target audience. The messaging matrix includes the value proposition, the reasons to believe, and the proof points to support each message. The way we communicate with employees, partners and customers should adapt to the particular areas of interest for each audience - while at the same time the messages should support the overall brand platform.

Brand Positioning

The Brand Positioning defines the brand in its competitive environment and addresses the brand’s unique attributes and benefits. Working from the Brand Platform, we help clients develop brand positioning concepts and statements that focus on differentiation issues. Ultimately, positioning is about claiming a stake of the market in a way that makes it clear to our audiences why they should choose our brand over the competitive alternatives. This can be sometimes a challenging concept to achieve. However, our brand strategy team has plenty of experience assessing the issues that are relevant, credible, sustainable - and differentiated

Brand Architecture

The Brand Architecture illustrates the relationship between the master brand and the subbrands can become complex or confusing. That’s when our brand strategy team can help. We know how to evaluate and develop a framework for organizing existing and future brands. We’ve helped brands address what happens through mergers and acquisitions. And we can develop a structure that clearly establishes the relationship between your company and your strategic alliances.

Brand Identity

When thoughtfully distilled and orchestrated, a cohesive brand identity becomes a strategic advantage, enabling an organization to achieve five brand objectives:

  • Differentiation - build brand preference by standing out
  • Relevance - resonate with the needs of key audiences
  • Coherence - reaffirm brand promise in all you do and say
  • Esteem - build brand value through promises fulfilled
  • Energy - stay current, responsive, and innovative

The following elements make up the Brand identity:

  • Naming
  • Logos
  • Visual Style
  • Guidelines
  • Literature
  • Advertising
  • Print Design

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